Spring Minimizing

I love spring cleaning, except that I don’t do it in the spring, I do it during summer or early fall. About every six months when I change my wardrobe summer/winter, I like to examine any extra stuff I’ve accumulated that needs to be tossed out or donated.

As a woman, I naturally have too many clothes. I love coming back from Goodwill with a nice haul and then sifting out the clothes I don’t intend to wear again.

A couple of years ago I read an amazing book called: Throw out 50 Things by Gail Blanke. Read it and follow the instructions. It’s life changing!

Some of the things I’ve done recently have made a huge difference.

  • Get rid of unused or REALLY expired make-up
  • Toss old nail polish or colors I never use
  • Reduce book/cd/dvd collections. Am I ever going to read/listen/watch this again?
  • Cull your wardrobe, replace icky socks

Then I start to go around the house clear out different places.

  • Why do I have 163 pens?
  • Why do I have 14 highlighters?
  • When have I ever used white-out?
  • Do I really need 3 portable chargers?
  • Why am I finding stickers in 8 different places?

Those are questions I ask myself when cleaning around my desk.

The kitchen is easy.

  • Toss expired or stale food
  • Wipe down the refrigerator
  • Discard expired coupons, rearrange refrigerator art
  • Sort through and organize cupboards
  • Do the dishes, make a mental note to buy more spoons

I also have to keep the files on my computer tidy or else I go crazy.

  • Unfriend or unfollow people online you don’t don’t or don’t want to keep knowing
  • Sort through your inbox until it has zero e-mails
  • Unsubscribe from restaurant/store newsletters
  • Switch to paperless billing
  • Sort through pictures and delete duplicates

These are just some of the many ways to clean your home and make it a more relaxing environment. Go the extra mile and detail clean your computer keyboard, mouse and chair. Wash the pet beds. Run a vacuum across the house (it’s surprisingly good cardio!) Don’t do too much if you don’t have the energy. Make a list! I love lists! Then you can scratch off the tasks you’ve done and you won’t forget what to do next.

2016-04-16 16.05.06

-Kristina Wise


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