Five Things Friday

5 Favorite Things this Week

This week has been hard! I haven’t been busy and that becomes a problem after a few days. At first I was excited just to make a grocery list, the store is having a HUGE 10 for $10 sale (get the 11th item free, awesome!) Then I started to think about all the unhealthy crap I was going to buy, and how much I’m determined to lose a little weight. Now the only thing on the list is carrots. *Sigh*

Here’s my list of just five things that have made my week better.

1. Thin Mints!

thin mints

A couple in my young married church group brought in a whole big bagful of Girl Scout Cookies. They handed out boxes for FREE! FREE! I previously denied myself thin mints on three occasions because A. I didn’t want to pay $4-$5 a box and B. I am seriously trying to lose weight. But free?! I’ll take the caloric intake!

2. The Coffee Table I Found at a Temporary Thrift Shop

coffee table

Monday was a very productive day. I got out of work a few minutes early, dropped off books at the library, deposited checks into the bank and put some gas in my car. To reward myself, I stopped by this thrift shop that just opened up downtown. They had no heat, no light, and a whole bunch of stuff for dirt cheap that made you stick around. I found a simple, four legged coffee table. It’s small, it’s light, I have a feeling that if anyone sits on it then it will break. It was $5. Now Shawn and I have a place to put all of the remotes and controllers. Maybe now we won’t find them eaten up by the couch cushions.

3. Home Improvement TV Episodes


I love binge watching TV shows. Netflix is great with that! So is my library. They have all eight seasons of Tim Alan’s Home Improvement. I’m on season 6. I love seeing how far technology has come in as little as a few years. Jill gets a new laptop and it’s so thick! Her kids are explaining how to set it up and Jill (and myself) have no idea what they’re saying. It’s hilarious.

4. The Flat River Community Library


I love my library. I loved the one I had back in Lansing before I got married; the Delta Township Library. I love that we have the MeL Cat (Michigan eLibrary Catalogue). I can request just about any book, audiobook or DVD and a library somewhere in Michigan will have it. And they’ll send it to my library to check out for free! Sometimes I feel like I have too much power available to me at my fingertips.

5. Corgi Dog Energy

2015-01-09 17.14.01 - Copy

Forget throwing a party at my parents house while they’re on vacation, I was excited about dog-sitting for them. Mr. Chauncey is a pembroke welsh corgi, and if you know anything about that breed of dog is that they’re short, but have a ton of energy. He’s been doing well at our apartment. We toss his favorite toy, a crocheted ear of corn, up and down the hallway until it gets too slimy and we have to put it away. It’s been two wonderful weeks and now he’s got to go back home. Our cats will be thrilled.


-Kristina Wise



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