To Do's / Lists

What and How I Create

Spurred on by a giant cup of MTD, I had a little too much fun playing around with my sticky notes today. I wasn’t working on anything in particular, so I started making lists.

2016-04-03 16.47.33 - Copy

My Creative Projects

  • Make Bath Bombs
  • Micro Journal
  • Journal
  • Draw
  • Write a Blog Post (Hey look, I did that today!)
  • Research for blog
  • Write novel
  • Novel Planning


Positive Procrastination

  • Googling
  • Read blogs
  • Life hacker
  • Books
  • Pintrest
  • Make To-Do Lists (This totally counts!)
  • Facebook stalk friends and family
  • Clean the house

My husband is going to read that last one and laugh out loud. I only do house cleaning when I really have nothing else to do. Shawn is a trooper. He does the dishes, the laundry, and the kitty litter. Is he awesome or what? When he asks if it’s okay to play hours on end of video games I tell him heck yeah! Go have fun, it’s not like I don’t have a mountain of books to read or a hundred things on my mind to write about.

We’re actually in the same room right now. He’s gaming online with a friend and I’m working on the blog and researching quotes about creativity. All the pets are napping and our neighbors are being surprisingly quiet for a Sunday afternoon.


Guilty Confession:

I did buy a box of Swiss Rolls at the grocery store. I wasn’t going to, but they had a display right next to the check out. Plus, they were on sale! Twelve cents off! I couldn’t say no.


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